SIPez provides custom solutions as well as architecture, requirements gathering, design, development, compliance and performance testing of realtime IP communications services and applications. SIPez leverages both commercial software as well as open source projects such as sipX and reSIProcate to provide highly interoperable, low cost, fast to market solutions for it clients. We can help you build your products, solutions or services in the SIP, VoIP, IM, Presence and realtime IP communications space. We can also help you VoIP, IM or Presence enable your products relieving you from needing to be experts in these technologies.

About our founder:

Daniel Petrie, CEO and President

Daniel Petrie has been building VoIP solutions and products for over 12 years and distributed computing solutions for large scale, complex problems for over twenty five years. In the beginning of 2005, he founded SIPez a consultancy focusing on SIP, VoIP, IM and Presence. SIPez develops custom SIP user agent applications, typically in the media path, for embedded devices, softphones, applications and media servers. Previously Dan was Chief Architect at Pingtel, where he spent nearly 7 years architecting distributed, disaggregated, peer-to-peer SIP based communications solutions for carrier and enterprise customers. An active participant in the development of the SIP protocol at the IETF, Dan has been a significant contributor in work such as: multiparty call control, transfer and configuration. Dan is a founding board member and vice president of SIPfoundry as well as an active contributor to the SIPfoundry open source community. He has also been involved in the SIP Forum's SIPit interoperability events since its inception in 1999. In the 90s he served as Systems Architect at Logica, building consultancies for Interactive Television Systems, Multimedia, Telecom and Cable Network operations at Logica. During his tenure at Logica, Dan architected systems for Ameritech, ATT, PacBell, SNET, Time Warner and others. Dan spent the early part of his career building server/client based solutions for 3D curve, surface and solids geometry and 3D surface machine tool path generation at Computervision.