SIPez can help you define your VoIP or communications products strategy. We can then provide you with complete outsourced design and development of your product along with full production testing and interoperablity testing. Alternatively we can supplimment your product develpment capabilies and provide only specific product develpment life cycle services.


SIPez has decades of experience with telephony, VoIP and SIP. Our expertise enables us to quickly put together an architecture for your specific needs. We can help you with your low-level software architecture as well as with large scale, high-availablity systems architecture.

Project Management

SIPez can manage your communication project and coordinate external dependencies to identify, build, test, and integrate solutions.

Product Management

We have a vast knowledge of existing products, requirements and interoperablity issues for the VoIP and SIP markets. SIPez can help you define your product requirements, strategy and plans.

Requirements Gathering

One of the key factors for rapid and cost effective development of software products is proper scoping and requirements definitions. SIPez has decades of experience at proper requirements definition. We will work with you to define your product requirements so that we build only what you need.

Training & Education

SIPez will train your marketing, product, development or testing teams to understand the vast world of VoIP, SIP, SIMPLE and other communications standards, architectures, approaches and markets. We have existing training classes that can be tailored to your needs.

Software Design

SIPez will help design your new software components or recommend changes for an existing solution. Services range from traditional OO/software design to designing SIP call flows.

Software Development

SIPez can implement your entire VoIP software solutions, an isolated component or work as extended part of your existing team. We will work with you to determine deliverables, stages, acceptance criteria, etc.

Interoperablity Testing and QA

SIPez can define your product test plans. We will then apply our test suites and frameworks to rapidly implement the test coverage that you need to reliably test your product and identify issues that block production release.

We can also identify common interoperablity issues and mistakes often overlooked in VoIP products. SIPez can stage interoperablity test setups with the appropriate third party products in the same market as your product. We can help you prepare your product for interoperablity events such as SIPit. SIPez will even take your product to SIPit or SIMPLEt and perform the interoperablity testing or guide your team through the hectic process to get the most out of the event.

Performance Benchmarking

We will work with you to define the performance bench marking that is appropriate for your product. SIPez will then apply our existing bench mark testing tools or develop custom bench mark test suites to satisfy your needs.

Hardware Design

SIPez can help you design your communications hardware appliance. Services include requirements gathering, reference design evaluation, design, layout, drivers develop, bring up and fabrication assistance.