Flash based SIP Phone


ezF2SIP is a VoIP phone that provides the ablity to make SIP calls from most web browsers. It has an elegently simple user interface providing the most cost effective way to enable large numbers of users to make SIP phone calls. It runs in most standard browsers which support Flash based applications. ezF2SIP has the advantage of not requiring end users to perform any installation or configuration. It is delivered to your end users from any web server allowing them to call into your SIP infrastructure.


  • Requires no end user installation or configuration
  • Provides 800-like service with no PSTN tolls
  • Enable wideband or HD voice calls to end user, avoiding PSTN downgrade in audio quality
  • Enable users with a wide varity of computer hardware and operating systems


  • Call center and customer support toll free calling
  • Calling card services
  • Social networking
  • Conference call applications
  • Wideband communications


  • Wideband and HD voice
  • Outbound dialing
  • Inbound dialing
  • SIP URI dialing
  • Digit based dialing
  • Automatic ringdown dialing of configured number
  • NAT and firewall traversal
  • DTMF dialpad for IVR applications
  • Compliance with SIP RFCs 3261, 3262, 3263, 3264, 3265
  • Compliance with RTP RFCs 1889, 1890, 3550, 3551

Standard Codecs

  • SPEEX wideband
  • SPEEX narrowband
  • G.722 wideband
  • G.722.2 (AMR wideband)
  • iLBC (RFC 3951)
  • DTMF Events (RFC 2833, 4733)
  • G.711

Optional Codecs

  • SPEEX ultra-wideband
  • AMR
  • GSM (FR 06.10)
  • G.726
  • G.729


Requires Flash 9 or above. Runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and other browsers supporting Flash. Backend gateway available on Linux.