Basic single call handling example application

Multi-call handling application with 3-way conference call

Multi-call handling application with connected and held call

Auto-dial completion

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Android SIP Client Solutions


SIPez is now shipping SIP client applications for the Android operating system. These applications allow Android device users to make SIP phone calls over the data network as opposed to using the cellular voice network. SIPez offers standard off-the-shelf applications as well as provides branded, customized or OEM solutions that fit your specific needs. Libraries and APIs are also available to SIP or VoIP enable your existing Android application. SIPez is expert at embedded systems development and can provide a solution for your custom Android hardware.


  • Better audio quality than PSTN or wireless mobile phone calls with HD Voice and SIPez's premium audio processing engine (SME).
  • Tighter feature integration with enterprise IP Centrex or PBX services
  • Toll by pass of wireless mobile minutes
  • Voice integration with your application


Features included in standard applications:

  • SIP calls over WiFi, CDMA, EVDO, GSM, Edge, 3G data networks
  • HD Voice support
  • SIP (RFC 3261, RFC 3263, RFC 3264, RFC 3265)
  • SIP RPORT (RFC 3581)
  • RTP (RFC 1889, RFC 1890, RFC 3550, RFC 3551)
  • RTCP
  • G.722 wideband
  • G.711
  • Other codecs easily added
  • DTMF events (RFC 2833, RFC 4733)
  • Hold/Unhold
  • Mute
  • Call waiting
  • Redial
  • Handling of up to 4 active calls (depends upon device)
  • On some devices conferencing, up to 5 way
  • STUN (RFC 3489, RFC 5389)
  • Single line with optional registration
  • Digest authentication
  • Native Android contact/address book integration
  • Address searching
  • Auto-number complete dialing
  • Volume control

Custom Features

Features available in customized or OEM applications:

  • Custom address book or buddy list
  • Microphone gain control
  • SIP dialog package (RFC 4235)
  • Multi-line support
  • SIP reliable provisional response (RFC 3262)
  • SIP presence (RFC 3856)
  • SIP instant messaging (RFC 3428, RFC 3994)
  • Additional codecs
  • Call forwarding
  • Do not disturb
  • Call recording
  • Auto-answer
  • MWI (RFC 3842)
  • AEC
  • Bluetooth support
  • Configurable dial plans
  • TURN
  • ICE
  • SRTP
  • SIP Configuration Client for server based configuration
  • Transfer


Android 2.0.1 or greater. Support available for 1.6 or above in custom solutions